Sunday, July 27, 2014

embroidered mandala

embroidered mandala

I finished my embroidered mandala. I've been a little uninspired to embroider anything lately, so I decided to do this one in all one color, navy blue on lavender fabric.
When I was done, it still needed something. So, I experimented with adding some color to the fabric with watercolors, combining my two favorite art media!

mandala fabric painting

I didn't have any real plan, other than to create a sort of tie-dye, batik look. I wet down the whole thing, then just added lots of color here and there. After the first round, I let it dry and decided it needed more color, so I painted it again.

embroidered mandala close up

I like how it turned out! I'm guessing the colors would fade or disappear if I washed this, but it's great for art pieces. Using watercolor on fabric is unpredictable and it bleeds a lot. So if you try this technique, try not to be too stuck on any idea of the end result, just play around and have fun.

If you missed it, this is a new PDF pattern that's available in my shop! 

AND, I'm giving away free patterns to whoever finishes stitching up this pattern first. (Contest details here.) So if you're looking for something new to embroider, go snatch this pattern and join in. (It's half price right now!) Good luck and happy stitching.

xo aimee

Friday, July 25, 2014

lantern banner

lantern banner with tassels!

Here's my new printable Paper Lanterns banner in action! I spruced it up a bit with some tassels, and I think it turned out really fun. It's easy to do.

lantern stitching

After you print and cut out the lanterns, you can easily string them together with a needle and string. I used embroidery floss, as I seem to have a ton of that around for some reason. 
You can simple sew the floss right onto the lanterns using a needle poked through the marked holes.

lantern closeup

Add tassels at the bottom by knotting several small lengths of floss and pulling them individually through from the back with a needle, or cut a small slit in the bottom of the lantern and pull several pieces through together.

A little bit of floss adds a whole new dimension to this cute banner. You can pick up the PDF (as well as the coordinating Lucky Cat and Kokeshi printables) at my shop: Use them for your papercraft or scrapbooking projects or hang banners all over the house! It's a fun, easy way to brighten up any room. :)

new printable banners

Have fun!
xo aimee

Friday Funspiration: maneki neko

Friday Funspiration: maneki neko

Lucky Cats! 

xo aimee

Thursday, July 24, 2014

new printables

lucky cats

Three new printables PDFs are in the shop today!

kokeshi dolls

I created some Asian themed designs that make super cute banners, but can also be used for any paper craft or scrapbooking project. The PDF files are available for instant download as soon as you purchase them.

paper lanterns

Choose from Lucky Cats, Kokeshi or Paper Lanterns, or mix and match.

xo aimee

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

embroider a mandala contest

embroider a mandala

I've been drawing and making mandala art everywhere lately, this is one I created for my illustration e-course Boot Camp at (Our assignment was to illustrate our favorite drink, this is my interpretation of Water with Lemon.)

This is the first mandala I've done digitally and I wanted to make it into an embroidery pattern. But I couldn't wait to stitch it up myself before sharing it with you! SO, I decided have a little contest for all you lovely, talented stitchers looking for a new pattern to embroider. (Embroidery is a great project to work on while soaking up sun, or traveling on vacation!) The contest is simple, be the first to complete this new embroidery pattern, send me a picture, and you'll win 4 free PDF patterns of your choice from my shop

To get the mandala pattern, you'll need to purchase it from my shop:
But it is 50% off this week (only 2 buckaroos) so go grab it up fast! 
Choose your favorite colors and fabric to stitch on. I'll make a mosaic of all the completed versions and post here. I love to see all the variety you create with my patterns!

Have fun!
xo aimee